Everyone that is considering purchasing any of our devotion books and the postage seems to be too much, please email me your request with your address to and I will package your request and take to the post office and get an accurate rate for your order and then send you an invoice which you can pay online.  The mail rates are constantly changing and I would love to be able to do this for you, if you have the wish of purchasing anything.  Most requests can be filled in 48 hours or less.

Frances from Scotland wrote on the Home page:

I bought this along with five of the others and received them in the UK a week later. They are beautiful and wonderfully traditional, crammed with those glorious, uplifting prayers we sadly never use any more in the NO, but which are difficult to put down. I’m developing ‘just one more’ syndrome. The Rosary booklet is also very practical for meditation, without being overburdened with ‘reflections’.

I had been looking for something like this but can’t get them easily over here (and it’s not usually possible to look at anything before buying online). I think we are very much in need of this type of prayer book these days so, since postage was very reasonable, I will be buying some of the others at a later date!

Thank you so much for the effort and time taken to produce these. It is much appreciated. The same goes for St Alphonse of Liguori

Thank you Frances for your comments and your ordering of the books Our Lady’s Angelic Psalter, I am Meek and Humble of Heart (Sacred Heart Manuel), Prayers for Holy Mass, Mater Dolorosa (Mother of Sorrows), Purgatory Prayers and Rest in Peace. Our mission at Our Lady’s Psalter Publications is to help people pray with greater love and devotion for Our Lord and His Mother. Also for your patience with sending me your request and then allowing us to go to the post office and getting an accurate shipping charge for the order and sending you a invoice, since it is an international order and the mail rates are constantly changing. May Our Lord and His Mother bless you.