Our Lady of Perpetual Help

OLPH for web

What makes this novena manual different than that of other Our Lady of Perpetual Help manuals is that it is actually a compilation of 3 manuals from 1932, 1935 and 1948.

From the Fatima Crusader   Issue 96

Written permission to post this article on the power of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

 Especially during these dangerous times of wars and threats of wars, Our Lady’s children turn to Her for protection and consolation.

   A friend of the Fatima Center who lived in London, England during World War II told us this beautiful story that fortifies Lucy of Fatima’s statement: “Our Lady will take care of Her dear ones.”

   Amidst the horror and destruction from bombs, she organized a prayer group to meet once a week, praying for the intercession of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. A few came but many did not. Although a large number of people were killed and homes destroyed, not one of those who came and prayed to Our Mother of Perpetual Help were harmed, nor were their homes or possessions lost.

Imprimatur 1935 & 1948. 36 pages COLOR $4.95

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One comment on “Our Lady of Perpetual Help

  1. How prefect that this prayer book to Our Lady is available in the month of June. The feast day is June 27th. I remember most of the prayers from when I was a child. Thank you for giving Our Lady of Perpetual Help the honor due Her.

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