Our Lady’s Angelic Psalter Grayscale

pg 1pg 14pg 16pg 68

pg 38pg 78The cover of this booklet is identical to Our Lady’s Angelic Psalter, except that it is grayscale.  This rosary booklet is 92 pages not 88 pages.  What was added is a section on the power of the Hail Mary and the need to say this prayer well and also a page on how to meditate on the rosary, so that your prayers will become more fruitful.  All prayers, meditations and scriptures are identical to the colorized version of Our Lady’s Angelic Psalter.  What is different is all of the pictures inside this powerful booklet are different than the colorized version.  And I don’t mean one is in color and the other grayscale, but the impact of these different  images are just as stunning as the Original.  Why bother doing another booklet?  Well, we are selling this for $4.95, which is the goal of ours originally.  To have one of the most beautiful and moving prayer booklets on the rosary available for wider distribution for bulk sales and also individual ones.  If you already have the colorized version, you might consider getting one of these also.  Compare the pages above with those that are in the content and the traditional mysteries page on the top header.  At $4.95, it is too good to pass up.  Will we ever put this one also in color? No, there is no need to.

International orders please read the above header on ordering books and also email: morningstar1208@aol.com

Email: morningstar1208@aol.com  For any inquires and questions on the books

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