Feast Day December 27th

 Saint John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, author of the fourth Gospel, and the only Apostle at the foot PETER PAUL RUBENS  (1577-1640)of the Cross, was chosen by Our Lord to care for His Mother. He preached in Samaria and was eventually banished to . the island of Patmos, where he wrote the Apocalypse.  Tradition has it that Saint John died in Ephesus about 100 A.D., the only Apostle not martyred.

 O glorious Apostle, Saint John, who for thy virginal purity wast so beloved by Jesus as to merit to rest thy head upon His divine bosom, and to be left, in His stead, as a son to His most holy Mother, I implore thee to set me on fire with a burning love for Jesus and Mary. Obtain for me, I pray, this grace from our Lord, that, even now, with my heart set free from earthly affections, I may be made worthy to be ever united to Jesus as His faithful disciple and to Mary as her devoted child both here on earth and then forever in heaven. Amen.

Indulgence of 300 days; plenary indulgence once a month, on the usual conditions, for the daily repetition of these prayers with devotion.


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