Power of the intercession of the Holy Souls in Purgatory

How Blessed Pius IX cured a bad memory.


The blessed Pontiff Pius IX appointed a holy and prudent religious, Bishop of a diocese.  The priest alarmed at the responsibility put on him begged earnestly to be excused.

    His protests were in vain.  The Holy Father knew his merits.

    Overcome with apprehension the humble religious solicited an audience with the Pope, who received him most graciously.  Once more he pleaded earnestly to be excused but the Pope was immovable.

As a last recourse Padre Tomaso told the Holy Father that he had a very bad memory which would naturally prove to be a grave impediment in the high office put on him.

Blessed Pius IX answered with a smile; “Your diocese is very small in comparison with the Universal Church, which I carry on my shoulders.  Your cares will be very light in comparison with mine.

I, too, suffered from a grave defect of memory but I promised to say a fervent prayer daily for the Holy Souls, who, in return, have obtained for me an excellent memory.  Do you likewise, dear Father and you will have cause to rejoice.”   From Purgatory Prayers page 51

The Holy Souls are great intercessors in time of need.  For, by praying for them, they can and will be praying for us in our needs.  The Holy Souls cannot pray for themselves, but for others and their prayers are not ignored.  By praying to these special souls and relieving them of some of their suffering, you in turn will merit special grace from God.  For blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.