Preview Rest in Peace

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This 20 page booklet contains 15 prayers that are a consolation to one that is about to stand before our Lord, as well as the family and friends that are there to assist their loved ones on their final moments.  My family used these prayers for our father on his deathbed.  And when my father breathed his last in peace, my brother exclaimed, “My God, this is the only thing I want. To die this way in peace and in joy.”

It is printed on a larger format (8.5 x 5) than our other booklets (4.25 x 7), because it is printed in a larger font, 12 instead of 11 or 10.  This way it is easier to be used by someone in their last moments and for those that are assisting.

International orders please read the above header on ordering books and also email:

Email:  For any inquires and questions on the books

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