Preview Sacred Heart

pg3 SacredHeartpg4 SacredHeartpg5 SacredHeartpg6 SacredHeartpg24 SacredHeartpg25 SacredHeartpg35 SacredHeartpg58 SacredHeartYour absolutely incredible booklet is a very rare and beautiful treasure!!!  I have never seen anything like this.  Gloriously traditional, beautifully done and truly a spiritual treasure!  I am so honored and grateful to have these precious booklets.  To be honest, people ask us about booklets and prayers to the Sacred Heart and we have absolutely nothing of this kind to offer them.  What a huge help this is in the great battle at hand for souls! – Patti Melvin, director of the Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena.  Over 25 prayers and 30 illustrations inside 84 pages.

International orders please read the above header on ordering books and also email:

Email:  For any inquires and questions on the books

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