September Honors Mary’s Sorrows



Jesus promised His mother, who had suffered so much on His account, that He would grant whatever grace may be to the advantage of those amongst her children who are devout to her Sorrows.  This is the 4th promise for those who have a devotion to His mother’s Sorrows.

One of the most precious of these gifts is the grace of a good and holy death.  In recompense for her fidelity in remaining near Jesus as He died on the cross, our Lady of Sorrows has received from Him a special power to assist souls in their last agony, and no doubt she will above all exercise this power in behalf of those who have wept with her and compassionated her.  The peaceful deaths of the Seven Holy Founders, of St. Philip, St. Peregrine, and so many Blessed of the Servite Order, are all striking proofs of this.  If she does not always assist her devout servants in a visible manner, she assists them in an invisible, but not less efficacious, way.  Now there is no grace more precious than that of a good and holy death; it is, we may say, the grace of graces.  It gives the crown to all others, and without it the most precious gifts are for ever useless.

Our Blessed Lady revealed to St. Mechtilde and St. Bridget that those who practice a tender devotion to her Sorrows will also enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Contrition at the hour of death.
  2. Assistance in all their afflictions, and especially at the hour of death.
  3. Jesus Christ will imprint in their hearts compassion for His sufferings and the sorrows of Mary, that He may hereafter reward them for it in heaven.

geertgen_swooning-of-the-virgin-mary-sm1REMEMBER, O most sorrowful Virgin, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection and compassionated thee in thy Sorrows was left forsaken. Thou didst shudder at the sight of Thy divine Son and our Redeemer bound with chains and led away captive; didst mourn Him scourged with rods and crowned with thorns; didst weep over Him when condemned to a shameful and cruel death; wast transfixed with poignant grief when, standing by His cross, whereon He was dying for the salvation of the world, thou didst hear His dying words, by which He gave thee John, and us, miserable sinners, to be thy sons in place of Himself, and called thee Woman instead of Mother. O sorrowful Mother, be not mindful of our sins and our unworthiness, do not spurn and despise us, but rather have compassion on our misery and open to us the bowels of thy mercy. We pray and beseech thee, O Mother of Dolors, bestow upon us thy sorrow, that being made worthy children of a sorrowing Mother, we may here below suffer patiently with Jesus Christ, thy Son, our Lord, and one day share thy joy for ever and ever. Amen.

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