The Blessed Sacrament Prayer Book


Meditation after Communion.


On the Sentiments which the

Holy Communion should produce in our Souls.


  1. CONSIDER with astonishment the excessive liberality with which Jesus Christ has treated you; by this one communion you are infinitely elevated above all that the world calls great—you are happier than if you enjoyed all the delights of the universe—richer than if you possessed all its treasures—and more privileged than if you were its sole sovereign. Ah! if you understood the gift of God, if you had a just idea of your own dignity, how soon would you despise everything in this world!  Penetrated with gratitude for the greatness of the benefit you have received, you would exclaim with the Royal Prophet: What shall I render to the Lord for all He has done for me? how shall  I testify my gratitude?  Do not on this important matter deceive yourself as many do.  Do not imagine that so great a benefit as a communion is worthily acknowledged by the most fervent expressions of thanksgiving.  It is not those who say: “Lord, Lord,” that shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. “Sincere gratitude for any benefit,” says St. Thomas, “consists chiefly in esteeming the benefit as it deserves, and in endeavoring to make our benefactor an adequate return.”      Give glory to Him Who has given you His precious body and blood.  His soul and divinity, and has thus rendered you, in a way, an object of envy to the angels themselves.  Beg of God most earnestly to enlighten your mind, that you may understand the greatness of the favor conferred on you; and also to touch your heart, that you may feel your obligation of acknowledging it by every means in your power, especially by a greater love of the Blessed Sacrament, and a more self-sacrificing devotedness to your duties as a Catholic..from pages 82 & 83 in The Blessed Sacrament Prayer BookNihil obstat: REMY LAFORT  Censor Librorum

    Imprimatur: JOHN M. FARLEY  Archbishop of New York  NEW YORK MAY 16, 1904


    This devotional will inspire you with a greater desire to receive communion with more Love for Our Lord and also be able to give thanks for having been giving so great a sacrament that Our Lord required of us to partake in to save our immortal souls.  There are 92 pages with 67 prayers and devotions in honor of the Blessed Sacrament, along with 30 beautiful pictures to inspire you.