The Good Shepherd

Copyright Good Shepherd coverThe Good Shepherd prayer book is a lifeline of hope to our heavenly home.  It’s 92 pages holds a collected array of 70 prayers for Our Lord, His Blessed Mother and a wide variety of special devotions that will keep you growing in a beautiful relationship with God and His Saints.  58 illustrations of beautiful artwork and 11 life changing insights into becoming closer to Our Lord.  Please check out the Preview link below to see the total list of prayers and devotions this booklet provides.  This prayer booklet was done originally as a favor for a member of my family.

One Sunday after mass, I noticed my sister Mary carrying a clear plastic bag with cut out church bulletins, hand written notes and old worn out prayer cards. She showed me the contents of the bag and explained she tries to say the prayers every day. I asked how she was able to keep track of all the prayers since they were all jumbled around. She replied, “it’s not easy, but I manage.” I asked if I could borrow the bag of prayers for a couple of days to see what I could do with it. This is how the idea for The Good Shepherd was born.

As a teenager she prayed the powerful year devotional in honor of Our Lord’s Passion by St. Bridget Prayers from the booklet The Secret of Happiness, and knew them by heart. Just as my parents and other siblings, she taught me a great lesson in life; the importance of fortitude and perseverance in praying to God and His Mother with confidence and love.

This beautiful collection of prayers is only $3.95



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2 comments on “The Good Shepherd

  1. A truly amazing book containing all the important, best, and traditional prayers and more so in booklet form.

    Indeed, every prayer from my childhood is here mixed with relevant unknowns such as “Jesus, The Divine Physician,” whereupon the prayers are all for healing; and “The Flower of Carmel” intention prayer said never to fail.

    The booklet is so wonderful – laden with art that helps ease the eyes – you can’t help but read one prayer and inadvertently read another, and another, and then, you are quite blessed with graces before you realize it.

    Definitely a book you would love your children to have – or anyone else for the matter.

    I love it.

  2. My brother Richard gave me my first book in October, 2012 and I nearly wore it out.. I received the second book last year and truly love it. There is still some of my old favorite prayers in new book, but also a lot of new ones.

    My favorite prayer is on page 8, Life and Sufferings of Our Lord. I try to say every day. All the prayers in the book are fantastic. There is a prayer for every need. You can say a different one for each day. Sometimes I go thru the whole book, I can’t put it down.

    It’s a wonderful book…


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