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Giosuè Borsi

THE harvest is always infinitely more abundant than is needed by the number and weakness of the few reapers. But what servant would be so worthless, so mean and indolent, as to sit down discouraged and refuse to do a little, just because he despairs of doing all? Surely the troubles of the world are great and without remedy; there is too much misery; the ills of society are deep and terrible, its wounds fester and are incurable. How are we to remedy all this? Each of us has but two arms, a very limited circle of influence, and slender means. What of it? A little good will, a little courage, and we shall begin to do our little bit, without haste, without anxiety, calmly, accurately, as if what we are doing were all and sufficient to remedy everything.

WHO among us can know the incalculable value of an act of charity? Even in this world its practical value is immense, for itself and as an example: but who knows what is its value above, with what joy it shall be hailed in the kingdom of heaven? …. This is one of the 9 ways to conform your life to the Spirit of Christ, which are found in this amazing booklet which also include: Act of Contrition, Come Holy Ghost, Traditional Catholic Prayers, St. Gertrude’s Prayer, St. Bridget Prayers, 7 Dolors, Spiritual Communion, Miraculous Medal Novena, Hymn to St. Joseph, Prayer to St. Joseph, Prayer for Purity, Prayer for Work, Prayer of Spouse, Return to the Faith, St. Anne, Litany of Humility, Shoulder Wound, Storms, Prayer by St. Augustine, Nine Hour Infant of Prague Novena, St. Anthony, Our Lady Queen of Angels, Guardian Angel, St. Michael, St. Raphael the Archangel, St. Monica, St. Lucy, Crucifix, Anima Christi, 15 Promises of the Rosary, Praying the Rosary, Fatima Prayers, 1st Saturdays, Sister Lucy, The Power of the Hail Mary, Resignation in Death, Holy Souls, Consecration to Queen of Heaven, Flower of Carmel, Precious Blood, Nothing Left but God, Implore Divine Light, Divine Physician, Birthdays, Solitude, St. Jude, St. Thérèse, St. Philomena, 12 Promises of The Sacred Heart, Invocation to the Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart Novena, Good Priest, Consecration to the Sacred Heart, Daily Offering, OLPH Novena, Angelus, Regina Coeli, Sorrowful Mother, For Grace. Also there are 53 beautiful illustrations and 9 ways to conform your life to a more spiritual child of Christ.

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